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Bag storage

Visit the city luggage free.

How does this work ?
1. Book online , by phone or just walk in .
2. We will secure your bag with a safety tag , take your details and store it in a safe place . 
3. You pay for each bag using card or cash and get a receipt .
4. You are free to leave and enjoy the city hands free . Make sure you arrive in time to collect the bag . Please check  the store opening hours for more details . If you are arriving a bit late don't forget to call (Tel: 07532805500)

Price : £5 per bag/ full day 
 All bags count. No storage overnight.

Shop  opening hours 
 Thursdays to Tuesdays :  10:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  Wednesdays : closed

About the safety of your bags :
We are a gift shop , it means there will be always someone around to ensure your bags are safe . They will be locked in a room where no one but the shop owner has access  to, there are security cameras and we will provide  a security tag with a serial number .   All this taken in consideration  we still recommend you to have your own lock and take any IDs or  important items with you as our insurance only covers fire and accidents damages. We are offering a human to human service , no booking online and chat with a machine if something goes wrong but a real person that will take care of your stuff . We ask you in exchange to be thoughtful and  polite , call if you are going to cancel the booking or arrive late. Also we appreciated if you leave us a feedback as this is a new business . 


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59 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SR, UK

07532 805500

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